About This Site

Pinakidion is greek word that means “writing tablet”. It appears once in the New Testament in Luke 1:63. Ask me offline and I’ll tell you the significance of the verse.

This site serves as a writing tablet for my journey in life. Much of that journey involves my faith, but in recent years it has grown to encompass my interactions with deaf culture as well as my adventures as a father, husband, writer, and a geek. Going forward, these are the things I will write about. I also hope to put together some Christian resources. Truth be told, it’s more for me than anything, but I’m happy to share whatever I can.

On this site, I’ve written quite a bit about my faith as well as my thoughts on a particular denomination, the International Churches of Christ. I became a member of the ICoC in April 1991. In April 2006, I requested that I be removed as a member of the local ICoC, though I still worship there to this day (as of August 2019). This put me in an odd position in that I was not an official or legal member of the congregation, yet I performed as a member in every other regard. At the time of my resignation, I intended to eventually worship elsewhere. I have since decided that I want to stay here. There is something special about this congregation that I really want in my life. For the foreseeable future, I will remain here, Lord willing.

In the time since then, the matter of my official or legal membership never became an issue. There are simply more important things in all of our lives. I think that I am an official member now, though I didn’t go through any formalized process. I teach adults and Middle School Sunday School from time to time. I am welcomed and feel respected here.

I am passionate about many things, especially in regards to matters of faith. Any criticism is intended to be an expression of how much I care. I loved many aspects of was called the Emergent Church despite the fact that I call them the Church of the English Majors. (I am an English Major.) I know that many of the leaders of that movement have moved on to other things, but what they were before everything had to be defined was exciting to me.

I want the ICoC to be a city on a hill despite the actions of many of its architects. Thoughts and ideas evolve over time, so if you have a question/challenge/rebuke/correction about anything, feel free to comment publicly or contact me offline.

Welcome to the site, I hope you enjoy your visit.