Quote from Delphi

I mention the delphites from time to time. Those are folks who, like myself, visit Delphi Forums. I go to several forums on the site – three related to the ICoC and ten related to sports board games. From one of the ICoC forums, a poster identified as Bruford1 says the following: There is a

Like an Adult

An old post based on a link from Cryptoguy The original link was from Preach Mike who makes a valid, if somewhat incomplete point. Look at some of the Delphites and it’s easy to spot the teenagers. By this model, I was a teenager for a while. Hello pot, this is the kettle… Why incomplete?

Yet Another Monday Like This

see more crazy cat pics I have another one regarding the “Who Is My Brother” seminar (read – the UPC RULEZ!), but I’ve been doing other things lately. Enjoyed beautimous weather and Mahoney State Park this weekend. Life is good all around.