Be the Unexpected

Romans 12:2 I am sick today and have been for about three days. My wife has taken the kids and largely left me alone in the basement to recover. I say three days, that’s how long I’ve been completely out of it and in bed. I’ve been on autopilot for about three weeks now. I

Compensatory Day

Yesterday was Compensatory Day for me, it means that I am now 37 and-a-half. I have a December birthday, so I invented this day when I was 8 in an effort to compensate for the financial strain this circumstance created for my parents. For Compensatory Day this year, the whole family danced to Bob and

The Night Before Christmas

It was shortly after 11pm, I had just assembled the world’s coolest tricycle and Mama Bear was finishing up some last minute gifts. She pulled out a little last minute gift intended for Dancing Bear, an FM microphone. Think Mr. Microphone, but pink with Hannah Montana stickers on it. We were attempting to tune it