Going Forward

I don’t plan to delete anything on this site. It is a record of what I was thinking at a given moment in time. I don’t remember a lot of things, so I keep all of this around to remind me. It’s not a sense of loss, just an attempt to have a memory of the ways I used to think.

That may sound strange. It probably isn’t, but my brain is inclined to emphasize my perceived differences from others. By others, I mean the entirety of humanity. Yet, I know that my perceptions are not reality. I am unique, but I am human. I bear striking resemblances to my parents and I can even sound Southern when I talk to my biological family. I am curious and I wonder about the bigger questions that billions of people have pondered since the beginning of the species.

This site may never have a follower count about ten, but it will continue to be a writing tablet for my thoughts. As I get older, I have decided that my inability to express myself because of the harm I may cause is of less importance to dealing with the increasing frustration of being silent.

I offer these thoughts humbly. I do not presume to be correct. If you believe differently, I look forward to what you have to say. If I am tracing symbols into an empty void, then at least I have voiced something that I need to set free.

See you Space Cowboy