Happy Father’s Day

Thank goodness for Skype – it’s good to see my Dad on Father’s day. In some ways, the world keeps shrinking. I work with a “manuscript” editor that lives in South Africa. On special days, though, it feels just the opposite. It is still a 24.5 hour drive home and airfare is still prohibitively expensive. I would love to get the sense of touch, especially with my family far away.

Skype is the next best thing. We can see each other. I can give a tour of the house. I can even show off the new vegetable garden.

My wife believes in stretching out a holiday that occurs on a Sunday to span the entire weekend. This means that Father’s day is a weekend event, including Friday night. It has been a wonderful weekend so far. I look forward to sharing with Dad everything from Friday and Saturday.

Friday was my son’s last day of preschool and a Father’s day celebration. I took the day off to visit. We had ice cream from the ice cream truck and he made a mug for me. He asked me if I would drink my tea with it…

If I had a camera, you’d see me drinking from it.

Happy Father’s Day – I really hope that your Father’s day is a good one.