Taking Some Time

I begin double employment soon, but the reason I haven’t posted much lately is that I have been working on other things. Mostly, I’ve been dealing with work stuff now that we are in the national media. Outside of that, though, I have been working on one of my hobbies – world design. This time,


Action! System 2

The folks at Gold Rush Games seem to be gearing up for version 2 of their OGL Action! System rules. (See the forums, cannot link to them from work) As they are asking for feedback, I offered one suggestion and plan to offer another one. Stats Do Not Make Sense Looking at the rules, a


Slow Going

Mark Arsenault of Gold Rush Games has taken a second job to help pay the bills according to his most recent note. I’m sure that a few fans were sad to hear that SPACR was turning into back-burner material. I thought about volunteering to finish it for him as I am about to finish a