1994 Called

It wants it’s Evangelization Proclamtion back.

For those that do not know, in 1994/95, we in the ICoC had a five year plan mandated by God to evangelize the world in one generation. This meant we had to have a church in every country that had a city of at least 100,000 folks. We were also supposed to have a church in all 50 states.

We came really close, but we didn’t make it despite the press at the 2000 Jubilee that we did. We had no church in Mississippi, South Dakota, or North Dakota by 2000. Many churches in Africa had 0 members. (Not kidding, it counted as a church if it had 0 members.) This push for tremendous growth was a key element in the accompanying collapse in 2003 – the 12 month period between May 1999 – May 2000 was probably the most intense, most demanding, least gracious, works-oriented time for many of the leaders. The reason was that we had to announce the completion of the EP for the 200 Jubilee.

The truth was not entirely necessary.

Now, the earthquake in LA is seen as divine approval of the same style five year plan. The goals are more modest, but the effect is bound to be the same.

Those that do not learn from history really do repeat it, sometimes verbatim.