Dreams, Hope and Other Things

Looking for something in the previous post, I was surprised by the dreams I had last year, 2 years ago, 4 years ago, 7 years ago. There is not a lot of consistency in them. It is tempting to look back and think that God has somehow not been with me because none of those dreams have come true.

However, it occurs to me that I am quite simply trying to chase my dreams instead of God’s. This isn’t a guilt thing at all, just a sober assessment. I’ve said it before (but can’t find the post at the moment) that a lot of my life has been a series of decisions I thought were made for God, but were really made for my own happiness. A recent sermon echoed this thought; maybe God isn’t blessing your dreams because they’re yours and not God’s. Trust me, it wasn’t the kind of sermon that said “God’s dreams = world evangelisation in one generation” In some ways, it was the opposite, and that was encouraging. It made me think that I can dream for so-called spiritual things again. My life doesn’t have to be a gaming project, a writing project, a computer project, home-schooling the children and managing a house.

What do I dream of? I dream of peace. I dream of a group of people saying that it was only God that brought a divided neighborhood together instead of a snowstorm, a murder, an accident, or some other tragedy. I dream of being able to read the Bible and hear God’s voice and not my own or the voices of the past. (This goes back to my Pat Robertson days, not just the ICoC.)

Outside of that, I want to sit down and dream. Will there be an unconference online? Will there be a coming together of the lost generation? Will there be a book table at my local church? I’d love to run one.

What is possible? I’m sure that lots of things are possible beyond my meager imaginings.