Open Bible Thursdays

I want to teach my son about hospitality and inviting people to your home. Every six weeks, we have a playgroup for children 0 to 5 that are deaf/hard of hearing. We volunteer for a service organization and do a lot of work for them.

Still. I want him to know that it is a godly thing to have people over to your house to talk about God. I want him to see church as a community, not a Sunday/Wednesday place we go to.

My wife encouraged me to have people over to just read the Bible. That is what helps me most, discussing the Bible. Here is a passage, what do you think it says? What does it mean to you? How does this fit into the context of Christian belief? You get the idea. I have a good friend that will do that with me, but I still hope for a group to do it.

It’s not a replacement for the small group I’m in – that’s not the point. The small group I’m in is very supportive and encouraging to me. I am loved and I can express love back. I don’t want to replace them at all.

As much as I want it to be for my son, I can’t shake that this is really for me. Truth is, it probably is just for me. My wife says that is not a bad thing. She trusts my heart that I am looking for ways to enjoy my Bible again. She trusts that I am not out to have an evangelistic Bible Talk complete with visitors, studies, potentials and plans to touch the hearts of frequent attendees in a way to push them to ‘study the Bible’.

I want the group to actually study the Bible.

In some ways, it seems like this dream from almost four years ago is about to become reality. All of this is certainly in God’s hands.

What does the future hold? I am eager to find out.