Open Bible Thursdays

I want to teach my son about hospitality and inviting people to your home. Every six weeks, we have a playgroup for children 0 to 5 that are deaf/hard of hearing. We volunteer for a service organization and do a lot of work for them. Still. I want him to know that it is a

Still Reworking

Still working on the transition. I love this theme, but I need a different color scheme. I like something that is not Blue or Green. Eventually, it will be some kind of pink. Of course, this will include a post about how it is okay to call me pink and that I am quite secure

Rework is coming

It’s going to be slow, but I’m going to repurpose the website. This is coordinated with a physical change at home. I no longer share an office, but I have a room of my own. The next stage will be to have a camera of my own because so many things are better explained by