Has It Really Been Over Four Years?

I must confess that I believed I would begin to post more here when I last wrote four years ago. It seems I’ve developed a pattern of starting and stopping here more than my gaming blog.

I updated the About page to reflect my current circumstances. Outside of that, I feel the passion to write more here, but have not found the time.

Last year, I taught a class on Revelation. In the time since, I have rethought my entire premise. I would like to completely redevelop the entire class using allusions from the Old Testament instead of a chart of deciphering the symbols. I believe that there is more to be gained by the parallels of Isaiah 6 and Revelations 5 than determining the identity of the anti-christ. Sure, I believe it’s Nero, though and Origen didn’t really believe that.

I want to publish all my books of the Bible studies and consolidate my public speaking recordings as well. I am reading other Christian books again after a long hiatus. I am especially excited about Bonhoffer’s Ethics. The fact that he was one of the first to tell the Allies about Jewish people being deported to death camps fascinates me. His culture did not determine his actions. He didn’t finish the ethics book, but I look forward to his thinking process.

Outside of that, I have teenagers now. It is an exciting time. I enjoy them as who they are. I do not long for them to be little children again, but appreciate the relationship we share in the present. I miss the younger days, but I eagerly look forward to them becoming purposeful adults that can make positive change in the world.

Hopefully, this will not be a lonely post to languish for another set of years, but a new start. See you around!