Home on the Beach

You know, I got to go home for the fourth of July weekend and it was great. I think more than anything, I needed an extended stretch of time that involved ZERO planning.

Life in Nebraska is great because of how laid back most people are. When I moved here from Raleigh, it took some time to adjust. I had no idea how pushed I was all the time. I had thought it was mostly the fault of my church, but really, it’s endemic to the East Coast. Everything has to done yesterday. Living someone else has afforded me the opportunity to see that more clearly, especially when I live in a place where it’s perfectly acceptable to have something done by next week.

In any case, I got to go shrimping with my father and brother. I got to sleep. I got to spend some quality time with God. I was also able to flesh out some details of an idea to build computers for rental condos.

More than anything, I sat out on the boat in the middle of Kitty Hawk Bay very still. There were silent fireworks all around flaring in the distance, but out on the sea, even with three foot swells, it was peaceful and quiet. That’s healing to me.

I discovered that my father is less conservative than I had originally thought. We went to see Farenheit 9/11 and he was glad he went. Granted, the presentation and innuendo didn’t go over well with either of us, but he saw a lot of parallels with Vietnam. (My dad is a Vietnam veterean.) Although he doesn’t agree with some of the premises Moore presents, he does agree that this war was not about security or terrorism. Considering a lack of viable alternative to these two, we both assume that it was done for money, power, or both.

I’ve rambled enough this morning. More to come, of course. Lots of things have happened:

1. I have missed Laryssa quite a bit.
2. The so-called Senator Edwards is Kerry’s choice for Veep.
3. Thomas McKean of the Portland International Church of Christ has spoken again. (July 4)
4. I am writing materials for an OT Survey class.
5. Like every other flake in the world, I want to generate a Linux distro. I hope to acheive six simple goals a la CoBind, but with different choices.