First Sidebar post

This is actually a nifty feature. I can just pull it up wherever I am and post.

I was thinking of an old friend named Mark Rushing. He left to go to Maryland in 1991 or 1992 at the behest of Russ Ewell. (He was leading the campus ministry at NC State at the time.)

I had heard that he was the evangelist in the Northern Virginia Church of Christ (Richmond). I had hoped to see him in Dallas at the leader’s conference, but he did not attend. Others that knew him did, so I got to hear more news about he and his wife.

With closing down, his church’s website is gone. However, I did see that he is speaking tomorrow at the Strong in the Grace conference. It is encouraging to me to know somehow, even though I do not know where he stands on certain so-called issues of the day. I’m just glad to know that in some small way, he is okay.

I wish I could see him again and let him know that I’m okay (in some small ways) as well. I wish I could tell him that I’m teaching the Bible to the adults of my church and totally enjoying it.