Final Details

Turns out that the footer of this theme is base64 encrypted to avoid making changes. The problem was that the links went to a spam site. So, the theme has been fixed to correctly point to the creator of this theme, twice. Links to spam sites have been removed. Also changed was the archive code.

About Finished with Rework

This theme, called Purple World, was coded by Webagentur. Unlike many folks that do striking graphics, he/she included the Photoshop file with the theme. This allowed me to change the name from Dawncore Designs to the website name. It also allowed me to remove the human face found in the original. Later on, I’ll change

Rework is coming

It’s going to be slow, but I’m going to repurpose the website. This is coordinated with a physical change at home. I no longer share an office, but I have a room of my own. The next stage will be to have a camera of my own because so many things are better explained by