Interesting Events in the Office

I don’t mean the tv show. I’ve never seen a single episode. There are rules here at work that prohibit discussion about religion and politics. This, of course, means that we generally talk about these things when supervisors are on vacation. No one emails as all of them are meticulously tracked and stored for posterity.

Salvation Meme

It’s serendipitous that two folks would be talking about salvation at the same time. Alan is working on a comprehensive series on his site. For my friends that are not from a Restoration Movement background, it is not a discussion on baptism, it is a discussion on what constitutes a saving faith. In other words,

Here Am I

Believe it or not, I am glad that campus groups are excited about New Orleans. I would have enjoyed having a service component as part of a conference in my college days. What a good idea to establish the idea of community service as part of campus ministry. I went to the new site and