It’s That Time of Year

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and it’s plain to see That everyone’s excited by the gifts ‘neath the tree; The stockings are hung by the Fireplace flue, There’s one for each person, except Jasper with two; The children are pretending to be sound asleep, But intermittent giggles betray curious feet; Mama is resting with the

Militant Spammers

Maybe it’s the mid-term election, maybe it’s the removal of captcha. I dunno. Anyway, they are gone for now. Interesting time learning about the prophets last week. Hope to write about it soon.

Be the Unexpected

Romans 12:2 I am sick today and have been for about three days. My wife has taken the kids and largely left me alone in the basement to recover. I say three days, that’s how long I’ve been completely out of it and in bed. I’ve been on autopilot for about three weeks now. I