A Lot to Say and No Time to Say It

It’s not so much the lack of time that prevents me from updating anymore. Two other things contribute more to a lack of posting that anything related to schedule. Those two factors are: I am reading instead of writing. My faith has been in a holding pattern for a long time. As you probably know,

Visit to the North Shore

I know this is short, but I wanted to include a note about scenic Hwy 61 driving north from Duluth, MN towards the Canadian border. Stop at the Scenic Cafe to eat. It is wonderful. It’s the first seafood that I’ve eaten in a restaurant in forever. The herring was good.

The Prairiecomber Is Back

The prairiecomber, my attempt at serialized writing, is back. Although dated two years ago, the main story is Fistful of Diamonds, a favorite of mine. Thanks to 3.0, it is a proper sub-site of pinakidion.* The main advantage is that I now have 1 site to update instead of several. The theme is better suited