A Lot to Say and No Time to Say It

It’s not so much the lack of time that prevents me from updating anymore. Two other things contribute more to a lack of posting that anything related to schedule. Those two factors are: I am reading instead of writing. My faith has been in a holding pattern for a long time. As you probably know,


Like a lot of religious words, the definition of repentance varies based upon whom you ask. There’s not too many secular uses of the word, though those few define it as regret. The typical Christian definition set it to mean regret and contrition. I come from a background where repentance meant regret and contrition and

Post 887

I announced on Facebook earlier tonight that I am retiring the pinakidion identity. Since I haven’t posted here in three months, I figure that requires some sort of explanation. An old friend of mine asked me if anyone calls me ‘bear’ anymore. I had to reply that I tried to change my name back, but