Post Series Soon

As I mentioned two months ago, I recently taught a class on the book of Judges. I’m going to post the exposition over the next few days. It will be fun. Because someone asked, UPC 2.0? Making it shorter doesn’t change that it is a contract. I believe a contract is inappropriate for a church

Unexplored Ideas

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. A part of that is the advent of Twitter, which I can do at work. The state has decided that Twitter, blogging, and other so-called New Media needs to be part of the curriculum. The main ideas are to incorporate this into learning (not teaching socialization) and to

Running after John

The apostle John and some children following him enter from stage right. As they are walking, the children are peppering him with all kinds of questions: Children: (asking all of these in sequence) What was he like? Did he really wash your feet? Did it tickle? Can you tell us the fish story? Did he