Writer’s Block

As is normally the case, I have ideas for writing on numerous topics. The issue is that I have no ideas for the project I have to finish right now. I mean, right now. I’m 10 days late for an Easter Monologue I was commissioned to write. It’s actually a bit of a dialogue, a

Two Things You Need in Life

see more Funny Graphs I know, the lol thing is spreading. Bear with me, I’m sure that I’ll grow out of it. Originally, I wanted to discuss Grace Conversation. While I was thinking about it, I happened upon this graphic and it sent me into another direction. At the risk of oversimplification, I hope that

For the Love of Mike

can this ever be over? My old church has now signed, I’m curious if Triangle Church includes East Triangle Church or not. I know, I know. It’s a document that provides a framework for certain global decisions to be made. For example, where will the ILC be? Will we have a global website? etc. As