WP 3 is Here

Upgraded to 3.0 and moved all the files to a new location on the server. Woot! Multi-site seems to work, I’ll let you know.

Post 887

I announced on Facebook earlier tonight that I am retiring the pinakidion identity. Since I haven’t posted here in three months, I figure that requires some sort of explanation. An old friend of mine asked me if anyone calls me ‘bear’ anymore. I had to reply that I tried to change my name back, but

More From the Front

I’m happy that my wife has decided to have an online presence. It’s not because I think everyone needs to be online, but because of the benefits of a shared community. Throughout the past few years, I have benefited from several online communities. To that end, I’ve repaired the long-neglected site, johnandlaryssa.com. This involved an