All in One Place

I’m in the process of changing my links. One category will be RM Unity. The links so far are:


Alan will be in a category of people I know, which I understand is odd as I’ve never met him in person. Gregg, an associate editor of connect4change that I see every week, will have that website in this category. Chalk it up to one of the mysteries of life, the belief that some things are truly unknowable and unclassifiable, or the random mind of yours truly.

As a side note:
I haven’t forgotten about the next big thing. It will be written at some point. In the meantime, two ideas for thought:

  • all information is becoming miscellaneous
  • the next generation favors texting over email

The first sounds odd at first. Basically, the internet community continues to focus on bringing a totally customized experience bringing you just the information that you want. The community offers this to every individual, no matter how different the information may be to that individual. In this context, that’s why all information is miscellaneous. Think about it.

The second deals with how communication changes. When communication changes, so does the experience of the Christian faith.