An Idea – the Secota

I’ll edit this later, but a thought for my sparse D20 work (or JAGS maybe).

The Southwestern pampas of the continent are criscrossed with various medium powered n-lines according to many sages. Those that work with the arcane arts believe the area to be rich enough in nihilite that all kinds of magical wonders can be constructed.

This has not been lost on certain kings that crave power and land, especially land rich in nihilite, water, and grazing areas.

However, as far back as history records, the Secota have always lived in the land and are largely unchallenged. There is some amount of trade with them as well as relations with bordering lands. Still, the Secota are left largely to themselves on their land.

The Secota appear human in every way. They are generally of a tanned complexion and range in hair color from black to brown to light brown. Their eye color also ranges from brown to hazel and includes the rare grey (not light blue) and hazel. (Grey-eyed Secota are always shamans and local leaders, something that caused early historians to believe that they were all grey eyed.) Their culture is largely pastoral with metalworking being unknown. Those that do not hunt raise small farms or become artisans for local trade. Secota artisans are prized for their ability to work various hides (including dragon hide) and wood. The Secota are also prized for the manufacture of longbows – the primary weapon of the area. Since they do not manufacture them in large quanitites, owning one is quite rare. The Secota do not generally sell many things, they are usually a gift to a non-Secota.

Throughout history, there are stories of kings that believe they can overrun a country where the armor-less military fights with longbows and stone axes without apparent organization. Universally, the perceived advantage was technlogical and magical, as the Secota do not establish formal groups for craft-users or priests. However, one attack is usually enough to repel the invaders for generations.

The Secota fight mainly with calvary on horseback and air support from flying calvary and elevated archers. Each fighter is armed with a small stone axe for hand-to-hand combat. However, the true power of the Secota comes from their unique ability to pool the magical ability of the non-combatants. Although not entirely understood, it appears that the Secota can channel all non-combatant energy into magic spellcasting. These very powerful spells are usually defensive and range from invisible walls to unseen defensive fighters. The effects can be offensive, but the only eyewitness accounts of them are not conclusive. The Secota do not speak of such things.